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Gina’s Online Fitness Challenge Groups

Whether you’re a working or stay at home mom or a medical professional, Gina has a program created specifically for you that will lead you to success.




Are you tired, stressed, and exhausted?

Do you feel as if you’re taking care of everyone else but yourself and can’t find any time in the day for yourself?

You’re not alone. Most moms have trouble carving out even 30 minutes a day to take care of their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The problem is that if you keep putting your health last, you’ll perpetually be tired and exhausted. You need to be in the BEST health so you can be the best mom and wife to your family.

When you join one of Gina’s groups, you’ll be held accountable to finally put yourself first. Gina will help you carve out the time in your day for 30 minutes of exercise and plan your meals for the week.

Medical Professionals

Do you work 12-hour shifts and find it difficult to find the time to eat and frequently skip meals?

Do you work in an office where drug representatives come in each week bringing lunch and treats that always throw you off of your “diet?”

Do you spend your day driving from house to house visiting patients and only have time to stop at a drive-thru to get a meal?

Are you emotionally and physically exhausted to the point that when you get home all you want to do is sleep but realize that you have to keep going because you have family responsibilities?

You’re gaining weight or not able to lose it because the stress of your career is keeping you from making choices that will benefit your health.

As a nurse, doctor, or any other kind of medical professional, your job is physically and emotionally stressful. Isn’t that the truth? Because of it, you’ve let your own health get to the point where you feel guilty for even advising your own patients that they need to change their own health. You see the consequences of bad health every day and know that you NEED to do something for yourself.

If this is you, you CAN gain your health and energy back! Gina specializes in helping medical professionals find the time and motivation to start working out at home and live a healthy lifestyle with Success!

This is what you get from being part of one of Gina’s groups:

  • Before the group begins, Gina will work with you one-on-one to match you with a home workout program* that will meet your health & fitness needs and goals.

  • 30 of your meals for the month will be provided for you (1 meal a day), which is included in the cost of the group. You will also receive a customized meal plan and complete nutrition guide to complement your workout (you get to spend less at the grocery store for 4-weeks!!)

  • You will either use a Portion Control System or Calorie Counting system to manage what you are eating. It’s your choice which system you want to use!

  • During the 4-weeks you will gain the motivation you need to actually begin a workout program at home and finish with results!

  • You will be put into either a Private group on Facebook with Gina and 10-20 other people who are working toward the same goal for support, motivation, and accountability to reach your goals.

  • You will Jump Start your weight loss and increase your strength & energy so that you can be physically fit and keep up with the demands of your job.

  • With a commitment to the 4-weeks, you will get AWESOME results from working out at home without having to pay for a personal trainer or reocurring gym membership

  • With the low one-time cost of your workout program, you’ll have the ability to join any of Gina’s future groups for FREE. You’ll have her support for as long as you want it!

Are you read to get in shape, get healthy, and make the commitment to put yourself first? If so, CLICK HERE to contact Gina today.

*Gina has partnered with Beachbody (the creator of home workout programs such as P90X, Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, PiYo, etc.) to provide for you a workout program that you can do at home and a daily meal replacement that you can purchase at discount price. Prices are subject to change and depend on the workout program you choose.

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