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Team Lead & Inspire is made up of both women and men and has 50+ Coaches on the team! Here are just a few AWESOME coaches who lead and inspire other people to get fit and healthy daily!

ToniannToniann Andujar

Toniann is a mommy of twins, a volunteer at a crime victims support center, a Navy veteran, and a girlfriend to a more-than-full-time working police officer. She also now has her own business as a Health & Fitness coach so that she can help people who want to get in shape and change their life. As a very busy woman, she still manages to get in her workouts and prep food for herself and her family. Toniann is passionate about helping others with meal planning and food preparation!

Toniann says that the only reason she has been able to stick to a Beachbody program is because they can be done in the comfort of her own home. At one point she was spending $60 a month for a gym membership without a trainer and wasn’t even using it the way she should have. She spent $80 on a program (ChaLean Extreme) that she could keep forever. And with the help of her coach, she can workout at home with the accountability she needed to succeed. This is why Toniann decided to become a Beachbody coach. She was already inspiring people to change their life. 

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JuliaJulia Lefaivre

Julia is a mom, wife, full-time teacher and a Health and Fitness Coach. Her and her husband are raising their kids to love and live an active lifestyle as they both do.  They both grew up playing sports from a very young age and continue that to this day. Their goal is to be strong and healthy to be able to keep up with their very busy toddlers. As well, they want to create a sense of fun around fitness.

One thing that’s very important to Julia is to lead by example. Julia wants to demonstrate healthy choices for her children so they will follow. Not a vegetable goes uneaten in her house!

Julia spent most of her life searching for her purpose. Through much searching, heart ache, failures and success, she has found her PASSION through coaching and empowering other women to discover their inner and outer STRENGTH through fitness and nutrition. Julia believes when you set a goal in fitness and you achieve it, there is nothing more empowering than that for your inner soul.

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Kena Will

Kena Will is a mom of one and a military wife.  She has been a practicing Chiropractic Physician for the past three years.  She has always had a passion for healthy living and natural wellness which lead her in the direction of chiropractic care.  After becoming a mom, she was struggling with finding the proper motivation, support, and TIME to get herself back to the shape she was used to being in.  After discovering and joining her first challenge group and seeing how successful this system is she was hooked and decided to become a Beachbody coach to help others reach their goals in another way!  This opportunity poses to be a great asset to her existing career and will allow her to help thousands more lives each year.

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Kimberly Ross Kimberly

Kimberly is a Registered Nurse and proud ARMY wife. She is passionate about God, family, and hobbies like traveling, crafts, and more recently fitness. Kimberly finally chose to start making better lifestyle decisions in her life and she loves to encourage others to do the same.

Kimberly has done various Beachbody programs such as P90X. 10-Minute Trainer, and the 21 Day Fix. The transformation that she has seen in herself keeps her going and working harder every day. She says that she wouldn’t have been successful if she didn’t have a great coach who kept her accountable. Accountability is what worked for her and Kimberly’s goal is to be that person for someone else.

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CarlyCarly Scott

Carly is a Navy wife and married to a very caring and supportive husband. She is also a Mom to a very crazy, energetic and very curious 5 year old! A few things that Carly takes interest in and are important to her is her family, her faith in God, cooking, exploring new places and being crafty! She loves finding ways to make her family healthier and more fulfilled in life no matter what it is!

Carly started her health and fitness journey almost 4 years ago. Along the way she had inspired and motivated many people to start a journey of their own. At that point she decided that she wanted to become a Beachbody coach with the ability to help even more people! Carly loves to help people and very much enjoys seeing them accomplish their goals.

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CindyCindy Kingcott

Cindy is a mom to two beautiful children, wife, and a full-time Health and Fitness Coach. She started with 21 Day Fix and in 3 months knew that she wanted to pay it forward and help others to get healthy and fit!

When her son was diagnosed with a heart condition, she knew that she needed to step up and lead by example.   Nutrition remains the number one priority in the house.  This meant that she needed to find a career where she could be at home to prepare nutritious meals for her family.  She wanted a career where she was able to be present for field trips, school activities and not miss a single moment of her children’s lives.

She fell in love with helping others!  She always envisioned herself helping others but had no idea that this would end up being her passion!

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AnnaMariaAnna Maria McGehean

Anna Maria is a wife, mother to 3 beautiful boys and a full-time ER nurse. From reading that first sentence, you can imagine how busy her life is! Always working, doing housework, helping with homework, running errands, playing wife and mommy, led Anna Maria to forget how to take care of herself. Anna Maria’s initial goal was to is lose weight, tone up and train herself to eat healthy again. She achieved that and more!

Anna Maria chose to take it one step further and help others achieve what she has. She truly is a product of the product, losing her weight after she had her third son working out with the 21 Day Fix.  She now shows others how to do the same and is building a business that will allow her to be a stay at home mom with her kids and leave her stressful job as a Nurse in the Emergency Room.

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