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“Gina has been a wonderful leader and has certainly helped me keep my focus on my journey to better health & fitness. The ladies in the group have been an inspiration and I am very grateful for this opportunity to be part of the challenge!” –C.W.

“Gina is extremely knowledgeable, very honest yet super nice! I felt very supported by her, as well as the other members. The accountability was so important in attaining my goals!” –S.T.

“It’s really neat to be able to have a coach and workout partners everywhere. I love not having to get out of the house and take up a lot of time I don’t have! I learned that it’s more important what my tape measure says than my scale. I lost weight, but I lost a lot of inches in my 5 weeks. People notice my clothes are looser and my family motivates me by telling me they’re proud of me. My baggy clothes are a good motivator too. I’ve dieted before, but putting the exercise in with it this time, makes me feel good. I haven’t had this much energy in 23+ years I feel so good. I just feel good and have energy and am starting to look good also!” R.P.

“I need accountability to succeed and that is what I found in this challenge group! Gina was great at motivating and encouraging and it made me really want to do my best. Thank you, Gina!” –T.C.

“I have loved doing this 5-week challenge. Lots of good food ideas, inspired to workout daily, and I’ve seen results! I’ll keep it going!” – S.T.

“I was able to wear my wedding rings today for the first time since about midway through my pregnancy. Success!” –M.K.

“For the last 5 weeks, I’ve been part of a fitness group on Facebook. I have learned balancing nutrition and exercise with life. Women I have never met were really supportive, encouraging, and real. Our coach was well informed, supportive, compassionate, and kept us on track. I wasn’t perfect, but I have lost pounds and inches while gaining energy and confidence. Thanks, Gina Whitehouse!” -J.M.

“I have bought better food for my family and no cookies! I keep running and working out. This week I went through my clothes and purged bigger clothes and organized my closet. I felt refocused on my goals and my ‘outfit’ I want to fit into.” -S.P.

“I feel a lot stronger especially carrying my 2-year-old. I now choose a protein bar and water instead of fast food.” -N.E.

“I am eating healthier and cleaner than ever before. I am exercising every day! I am telling everyone about this group and how great it’s been for me. I had a rough day today and had a chocolate chip cookie or two homemade by me with good ingredients, though. After that, I made the energy balls suggested and I have those ready now for a sweet treat instead of cookies  I feel better! I feel lighter and fitter even after just a few weeks. I am increasing my water intake every day. I am loving this group. It gives me support and accountability which I need. Yay us!!!” -K.D.

“I’ve done my workout plus a second one that was optional for today! I made it to my goal of 1300 calories and only went over by 6! I enjoyed my healthy food! Drank 48 oz of water and finally got 8 hours of sleep! I felt proud of myself for sticking to this and being excited about it!” -R.P.

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“Having Gina as my Coach has helped me stay within my goals.” -J.V.

“I joined a Challenge group with Gina because I needed a program to keep me accountable and have a coach to encourage me. I lost 12 lbs. within the first three weeks of the program. I feel extremely blessed to have Gina as my Coach, she has been instrumental in my weight loss. I wouldn’t be able to go this far into the program without having her to cheer me on. Doing the Challenge group with her has been the best decision to help me lose weight and most importantly become a healthier version of myself.” –I. C.

“I joined a Challenge group with Gina because I am way off track and I need the accountability. I need to be around people with the similar goals of leading a healthier lifestyle through eating clean and exercise.”  -M.S

“Gina has been so great with me… She is very encouraging, full of advice, and most of all PATIENT.” -T. A.

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“This challenge group helped me tremendously! It was very motivating knowing that I needed to check in each day on my workout and eating choices for each day!Gina was great! She kept everyone active in the group and feeling good!” –K.O.

“I felt comfortable with Gina because she could relate to me. She is very supportive and encouraging.” –A.G.

“Gina is amazing! She keeps you motivated, accountable and provides relevant info to help you succeed no matter your fitness goal. Thanks, Gina, if I wasn’t for you I’d be 10 plus pounds heavier and still telling myself, ‘I’ll start next Monday’. I have achieved my weight loss goal for this challenge! I still have much more to lose but if it wasn’t for Gina and this group I’d be in the same position as I was 5 weeks ago, Unhappy, overweight, depressed, and tired.” –N.E.

“This group has helped me make better, healthier food choices. I am drinking more water and feel great.” -M.G.

“Gina is extremely knowledgeable, very honest yet super nice! I felt very supported by her, as well as the other members. The accountability was so important in attaining my goals!” –S.T.

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